December 31, 2015

Reine Grace Needs a Listening Ear

Hello all! Happy New Year's Eve!

My friend Reine Grace, who you've met before, came over to my house today in a tizzy - she was so upset! When I asked her why, she said she wasn't going to be Girl of the Year anymore after tonight - whatever that means! So, like my mom who is a therapist, I sat down with Reine to listen to her troubles.

"What seems to be troubling you, Reine?" I asked. 

Reine threw her arm against her forehead in exasperation. "I'm not going to be Girl of the Year anymore after tonight! I feel like my life has no purpose anymore! I was top dog and now I'm old news."

"Mmm hmm. Well, let's make a list of some things that do give you meaning in your life. How does that sound, Reine?" I asked.

"Okay," she said reluctantly.

"Well, I love baking. And my dogs. I'm always helping my parents out at their bakery," Reine said.

"That's great!" I said. "What else gives you purpose?"

"Umm..." Reine hesitated, lost in thought.

"I guess I'm pretty fashionable. I like to give other people fashion advice. Like, those boots you have on are just not working with that swea-"

"Okay, so fashion. That's good. Let's go back to baking. You said you like to help out at your parents' bakery, right?" I asked.

"Yeah..." Reine said.

"How about you start your own bakery cart business? You could sell at school functions. It could be a fun way for you to have fulfillment in your life and do something you love!" I said.

Reine shot up on the couch,

"You're right!" Reine exclaimed. "That's exactly what I'll do!"

"Eureka!" I shouted.

"I feel so much better already!" Reine said. "Thanks Doctor Charlie!"

"Well, I'm not actually a...Nevermind! You're welcome, Reine!" I said. "I'm happy to help!"

Have you ever helped a friend who needed a listening ear?

December 24, 2015

Christmas Present Opening Extravaganza 2015

Merry Christmas to those who celebrate, and Happy Holidays to all!

A shot of our white, blue, and silver Christmas tree.

When I woke up this morning, my Mom and Dad told me to get ready for my annual present opening. I threw my hair up in a bun and put my special Olaf earrings on!

I was stunned to see two huge packages and my stocking under the tree! (The other presents are for other members of our family.)

The first package was from my Grandma & Grandpa. I wonder what they got me?

The first gift inside was a green yo-yo! I told my Grandma I wanted to learn how to use them and she remembered! 

The other gift from my grandparents was this purple kitty ear hat! My Grandpa and I saw this one at the mall and I loved it. My grandparents are so thoughtful!

You can't see it in this picture but it has paws on the underside of the flaps! Cute! Thanks Grandma and Grandpa!

Next, my Mom said to open my present from her and my Dad.

I flopped down with the gift and started tearing the paper...

Could it be...?

IT IS! A brand new XBOX 360 just for me! And with two controllers! I can't wait to play a game with my Dad on this system!

"Thank you, Mom and Dad!" I squealed.

"You're welcome, Charlie!" my Dad said. "Check your stocking, I think Santa left you some goodies too!"

I flopped down with my stocking and gently emptied it of its contents...

"Mmm! Candy canes!" I said.

"Now what could this be?" I wondered aloud. "Oh, it's my favorite candy, Pocky!"

Santa is awesome for knowing what my favorite candy is! Yum!

I reached in my stocking and felt something familiar. Eeek! Is this what I think it is?

It is! It's some games for my new 360!

I got Halo 4...

And Beautiful Katamari...

...and Fable 3!

"Thank you, Santa!" I said aloud. My parents chuckled.

What a wonderful Christmas I had! What did you get for Christmas this year, if you celebrate?

{On me: Sweater, tank, sweatpants, and slippers from Georgell Doll Shop in West Jordan, UT}

December 16, 2015

Build A Bear Workshop Adventure!

Hello everyone!

I hope you're having a wonderful holiday season! My Mom and Dad said I can go ahead and pick out a present early. I love stuffed animals so I asked for some money to go to Build A Bear Workshop with my best friend Harper!

I knew I wanted one of the Minions - I love them! I have a Minions poster and some figures in my room, and the fluffy unicorn from the first "Despicable Me" movie. Bob is my favorite Minion!

Immediately, I spotted only one Bob left!

"Harper! Look!" I exclaimed. "They only have the one left and he's already stuffed, but I don't care!"

I hoisted him onto my shoulder and yelled, "KING BOB!"

I grabbed a house-shaped carrier and packed him into it.

"If you're sure, Charlie..." Harper said. "Don't forget the birth certificate!"

I put Bob and his birth certificate into the carrier.

"Well, I'm done!"

"It's your turn, Harper," I said. "Do you know which one you're getting?"

"Not really," Harper said. She looked at all the animals on display.

After a few minutes, Harper exclaimed, "That's the one! The bunny!"

"That one is really cute!" I said. "Pick an unstuffed one from the bin!"

Harper brought the bunny over to the stuffing machine...

...and got it filled with stuffing!

"Now for my favorite part - clothes!" Harper said.

"Look!" I said. "It's Bob's bear, Tim! My Bob needs him!"

I plucked it off the shelf.

"My bunny needs this..." Harper said.

"...And this!" she said.

"Let's pay and go to the next store!"

What a wonderful adventure we had in Build A Bear! Have you ever been to a Build A Bear?

Here are some extra shots of my local store:

{On me: Sweater made by my Grandma, Jeans by Upbeat Petites on Etsy, boots from Lovvbugg on eBay, bag by Blueberry Brook on Etsy; On Harper: Jacket from Madame Alexander, tank and skirt by Girls & Dolls on Etsy, boots by Maddie's Girls on Etsy; bag by The Queen's Treasures; Printables in the Build a Bear from American Girl Ideas blog}