January 16, 2016

Zinnia Changes Her Hair... Again!

Hello everyone! I don't know about you but I for one am looking forward to spring! With all the snow on the ground half-melted, life seems so dull and colorless. Leave it to Zinnia to brighten things up!

As you saw on my last post, Zinnia had pink hair. She decided it was time for a change and went for rainbow!

I love it! It really makes things seem less dull until springtime comes to revive everything again.

Have you ever colored your hair?

{On Zinnia: Hoodie by The Glam Doll on Etsy; jeans by Olivia and Atticus on Etsy; shoes by Little Sewing Bee on Etsy}

January 1, 2016

Blowing in the Wind

Happy New Year, everyone!

The last few months I've felt change in the wind - maybe that's because I've met a lot of new friends at school, and some of my old friends are changing their look, or moving away. But that's okay! Change can be a really good thing. Take, for instance, me meeting my new friend Lila! 

I met Lila at the dog park one day when I was walking River and Rory - it turns out Lila volunteers for the local animal shelter and she was walking several dogs at once! Lila loves animals and wants to be a vet someday. She has many pets - I should take some pictures of her with all of them sometime!

Lila also loves science, reading, and fashion. She's quiet and reserved.

Then, as some of you may know, my friend Bianca moved away. Her family decided to move to the east coast for her father's business. I was really sad when she moved away but we keep in touch online, so I'm not so sad about it anymore. I took some pictures of her before she left.

Bianca introduced me to her cousin Cristela who still lives here. I can't wait to introduce you all to her in a few weeks!

Lastly, I made a new friend at school - her name is Zinnia. Zinnia is kind of a wild child - fun, spontaneous, and a rule bender or sure!

Zinnia's Mom lets her dye her hair pink - isn't that cool?! But, she says she has to dye it once a week to keep it looking nice. No, thank you! I'll stick to my highlights.

Zinnia loves loud rock music and is very vocal about her opinion but she is also good at school and like, nice to old people and stuff. Don't let the pink hair fool you - she's one of a kind!

Oh, and actually lastly, my friend Olive Taylor changed her look yet again! This time she got a bob. What do you think of it?

If you like Olive Taylor's look, you can buy her look-alike in my Etsy shop here: Buy Olive Taylor on ETSY!

So, it's been a pretty busy fall for me with friends coming and going and changing and whatnot. Have you met any new friends lately?