August 24, 2014

Backyard Camping with Lanie: Part II

Greetings all!

As you know, in my last entry my friend Lanie and I were trying to find the perfect backyard camping spot. We found one, and then it was time to set up our camper so the fun could begin!

I just love the camper. It's the perfect size for us, and it hitches onto our Jeep!

Check out the inside! It has an awesome kitchen, and we stocked it up with food before we took the long trek to the backyard.

We keep extra dishes under the sink, just in case.

See? We had tons of food ready to go! Yum!

We decided to bake some extra cookies, bread, and muffins for the next morning. Double yum!

Once the other baked things were done, Lanie put in some s'more pies - they're one of many camping traditions for us. It's just not camping if there aren't s'more pies!

We also cooked some eggs - I like them on the top of my sandwiches, like the French style of sandwich called a croque madame! Have you ever had a croque madame? If not, you're missing out!

Next, Lanie set up our camping stove. We used it instead of the one in the camper because that one was already busy cooking eggs and s'more pie - it was getting hot in that camper! Lanie set our panini pan and our teapot on the stove and started to cook the sandwiches.

Meanwhile, I set up the dishes on the little table in the camper.

I put our cantaloupe slices on the plates. You have to have something with good nutritional value, after all!

The timer for my eggs went off, and I slid them onto my plate.

"The sandwiches and tea are ready!" Lanie yelled.

I sat in the camper, patiently waiting for the sandwiches, but I was so hungry! It was hard to wait.

"Wow! They look delicious, Lanie! Thank you!" I said.

She slid the sandwiches onto our plates. Mmmmm!

Then, Lanie poured us some tea. It was finally time to eat!

We dove into the food and soon it was all gone!

Then, the oven timer went off and Lanie hopped up to get the s'more pies out of the oven. They smelled heavenly!

Lanie set them on our plates with her oven mitt on, and then got some milk out of the fridge.

We finished the pies, and Lanie offered to clean up. I'm lucky to have a friend like her!

She did the dishes...

...and put the camping stove back in the Jeep!

I cleaned the table off in the camper while Lanie put things away. Man, that was a great meal!

Thanks for checking out Part II of my camping trip! Stay tuned for Part III, where we set up our tent and sleeping bags, and tell stories around a campfire! Have you gone camping this summer?

{On Lanie - American Girl Lanie's meet outfit ~ On me - Jacket: Madame Alexander ~ Shirt, shorts, and shoes: American Girl Easy Breezy Outfit}

August 21, 2014

Backyard Camping with Lanie: Part I

Guess what? I got my cast off before my camping trip with Lanie! I was so excited that my leg was all better, and even more excited that my end-of-summer camping trip was not going to be marred by a stupid cast! First, we had to cruise around the backyard in Lanie's Jeep to find an ideal spot to put our camper for the night.

The yard was our oyster as we cruised around with the wind in our hair!

The little Jeep lurched around the yard as Lanie pushed on the gas and brake pedals. Even though Lanie wasn't the smoothest driver, I sure was having fun!

"Look Lanie!" I exclaimed. "There's a great spot over there!"

"Let's go to it!" Lanie yelled.

"There it is!" I said.

"Stop right here!" I said. "This place is perfect!"

"It is great," Lanie agreed. "And now that we've found it, let's jet outta here!"

Do you have any end-of-summer traditions?

{On Lanie - American Girl Lanie's meet outfit ~ On me - Jacket: Madame Alexander ~ Shirt, shorts, and shoes: American Girl Easy Breezy Outfit}