November 12, 2014

My Bestie Harper's Room

Hello everyone!

Harper here, Charlie's BFF. Charlie wanted me to make a guest post today to give you a tour of my room!

Now, my room is kinda small compared to Charlie's. That's because I live in a penthouse downtown with my dad, and my brother Julian.

A penthouse is a really nice apartment at the top of a tall building. My dad adopted me and my brother Julian (who is my real, biological brother) when I was one and Julian was two years old.

I love all things pink and frilly and fabulous! Charlie calls me a fashionista, but mostly it's my dad who dresses me. He goes to the nice mall downtown after work all the time (he's a lawyer), and brings me some new clothes a few times a month.

Because my dad works so much, Julian and I have a nanny named Betty who takes us to school, makes us meals, and helps us with homework. Betty plays dolls with me every night after my homework is done.

I have a Samantha doll (you'll see some of her collection on the blog soon), and a Cecile doll that my dad got for me when I heard she was retiring earlier this year. I also have a stuffed bunny, unicorn, and bear that I love.

I keep a lot of my things in this storage tower in my room, including my iPad, some books, my perfume and lipstick, iPod, and lamp. Samantha's things are in one of the drawers.

And this is my cat, Duchess. You have met her on the blog before here. She's my perfect little angel and I just love her! Sometimes she crawls up on the shelves in my storage tower and sleeps there.

I keep her food bowls in my room so she won't have to walk far to get something to eat!

Thanks for checking out my room! I hope you enjoyed my guest post!

{On me: Skirt and leggings by Maplelea; Boots from Amazon; Shirt from All Doll'd Up on eBay}

November 10, 2014

Meet My Sister, Abby!

Hey all!

I'm going to introduce you to someone today who is very special to me, but I haven't mentioned before. I haven't mentioned her before because she's not old enough to go on adventures with me, and she's just started to be less annoying in the last few months. Who am I talking about?

My little sister, Abby! Her real name is Abigail, but we all call her Abby.

She's 6 years old, and I'm 11, which makes us 5 years apart in age.

Because I'm so much older than her, we don't have as much in common as you'd think, but we love each other all the same!

My mom suggested we wear these matching hats. At first, I protested but they do look kinda cute...

Anyway, you'll be seeing Abby on and off in my posts now that she's "maturing", as my mom and dad say.

Do you have any siblings?

{On Abby: Dress and hat by 123 Mulberry Street on Etsy, Boots by MegOrisDolls on Etsy; On me: Hat knitted by my mom from original pattern, Pants by American Girl, Boots from Amazon, Sweatshirt by Clarisse's Closet on Etsy}

November 3, 2014

My Harry Potter Collection

Hey everybody!

As the weather gets colder outside, I just want to stay in and read a good book...or seven!

Recently, I got into the Harry Potter series (yes, I realize that as a geek, I am way late to the party on this!).

I was hooked from the very first page and I've already read them all twice!

I even started a collection! I got this huge trunk from our attic and filled it with my new stuff.

Let's see what's inside, shall we?

I have a cauldron, and a bottle of gillyweed!

I also have a crystal ball...

...and I also have pumpkin juice and a chocolate frog!

I printed myself some copies of "The Daily Prophet"...

...and "The Quibbler"!

I also made myself a Ministry of Magic ID booklet.

And I have my own Marauder's Map!

I found a nice lady on Etsy who makes awesome Hogwarts acceptance letters...

...and a Platform 9 3/4 ticket!

I also have a plush owl. She doesn't have a name yet.

And now, my favorite piece in my collection - my wand!

Thanks for checking out my collection!

{Shirt: Springfield with an iron-on; Jeans: Sophia's brand; Book by Laura's Little Loot; Trunk from Joann; Gillyweed from The Deco Damsel on Etsy; Pumpkin juice and chocolate frog were gifts purchased on Etsy; Crystal Ball from Barnes & Noble; Hogwarts Letter and Platform 9 3/4 Ticket from Legendary Letters on Etsy; Wand from Very Happy Wednesday on Etsy}