June 30, 2014

Rory and Duchess Get Acquianted

Hey guys! Charlie here. The other day, my friend Harper and her brother Julian came to visit. They wanted to introduce me to their new cats, Duchess and Princess, that they had gotten for Christmas. My dog Rory would love a playmate, I thought.

We all waved hello and Harper and Julian came into my room holding their new pets.

Rory leapt at Harper, snatching her purse handle...

...and flinging it onto the floor, spilling money everywhere! Bad dog! And what does he want with a purse, anyway?!

Rory stared at the money on the floor for a minute and then before I knew it...

...Rory and Duchess leapt at one another, colliding in midair!

They tumbled to the floor, growling and hissing and tumbling. We all just stood there in shock!

Rory tried to snap at Duchess's tail as she scrambled away from him...

...dashed toward my bed...

...and burrowed under the bed, glaring at Rory while he growled and looked like he was trying to get under the bed himself!

Meanwhile, Princess sat behind Julian and watched the calamity, looking nonplussed.

I reached over for Rory...

...and scooped him up, scolding him for being such a bad boy.

Harper tentatively bent over and got Duchess out from under the bed.

We all stopped for a moment and sighed, not knowing what to do about this fiasco!

Princess sauntered out to the middle of the room and plopped down, obviously unfazed by this entire incident.

I sat Rory down, and he carefully approached Princess...

...and pressed his face to hers, giving her a big kiss!

Rory leaned on her, and it would appear that he decided cats weren't so bad after all!

Duchess slowly approached Rory, and we all waited with bated breath, ready to go grab them if need be.

Rory got out his favorite toy, and started nudging it with his nose.

He rolled it towards Duchess, an obvious gesture to call a truce.

Duchess pawed at the toy joyfully!

The rest of Harper and Julian's visit went well after that, with Rory, Duchess, and Princess getting along swimmingly!

They ate food together...(is that alright for cats to eat dog food? Oh well!)

And snuggled together in Rory's bed while the rest of us played!

Overall, it was a great visit, but I'll be more careful about introducing Rory to other people's pets next time!

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  1. Cute! I'm glad they got along well in the end.