January 15, 2015

Sick Day

Hey everyone!

I have bad news - I have a terrible cold! It all started this morning when my alarm went off...

I reached over lazily to turn off the alarm and the dogs started to stir.

Immediately, I knew something wasn't right. My throat was so scratchy!

I fumbled for my glasses and croaked for my mom to help me.

I sat up and coughed. Oh no! My mom rushed in the room and piled up some pillows behind me.

"Let's take your temperature, Charlie," she said gently.

"One-hundred-and-two!" my mom gasped. "You poor thing! I'm going to call your school and let them know you are out sick today. Just sit tight!"

River and Rory both looked at me, concerned. They are the sweetest dogs!

My mom came back in and sat a tray on my lap, followed by some medicine bottles.

"But Mom!" I protested. "This stuff takes like doody!"

"But it makes you feel like not-doody!" my mom said. "Now take it; I promise it will make you feel better."

I took it reluctantly. Seriously, this stuff is yuck but it does help. My mom came in and out of my room a few times - she took the meds back to the bathroom, and brought out my favorite soothing treat - honey lemon green tea!

Now, THIS stuff works wonders - and it tastes great, too! There is nothing quite like my mom's tea.

My mom came back in, this time with my other favorite sick day treat - alphabet soup!

"Now, eat up, Charlie!" she said. "After you finish your soup, you should get some rest."

Yum! I leaned back, enjoying my soup in my warm, wonderful bed.

My mom took the tray away, and brought an ice pack for my head and a hot water bottle for my... Wait a second! Where the heck are you supposed to put hot water bottles anyway?!

I tucked mine around my chest, and it seemed to soothe my congested lungs. Ahhh!

"Mom!" I yelled. "I can't sleep!"

Mom came back in with the tray, smiling at me. "Well, how about you play with this until you're ready for some rest?"

"Oh cool, thanks!" I exclaimed. "Awww, more medicine!"

"It's time for another dose," Mom said. "Just take it quickly and play in your activity book - you won't even remember you took it!"

I flicked open the activity book after I took the meds. "Yeah, sure, won't even remem- Oooh, is that a crossword puzzle?"

After doing some crosswords, I began to get sleepy. Mom came and got the tray and told me to lay down.

I slept for a long time! The hot water bottle made me so comfy-cozy, and the ice pack soothed my congested head. Ahh...

I awoke later that afternoon, shooting straight up in bed. What was that crinkling noise?

It's my favorite candy in the whole wide world - gummy bears! My mom must have left them there while I slept. She is the best mom ever!

Till next time, readers! Hopefully I'll be all better soon!

January 11, 2015

Gaming on a Sunday Afternoon

Hey everybody!

I hope your new year is spectacular so far - I know mine is! Taking care of my new puppy, River, has proven to be an exciting new challenge, but with her and school, I needed time to unwind. So, I invited my friend McKenna over to play my new PS3 with me.

I set up the spread - nachos, extra chips, guacamole, Cokes, and of course, the TV!

"Hey Charlie!" McKenna said as she entered the room. "How have you been?"

"I'm great! Let's get to playing, shall we?" I said, and then I looked at her. "McKenna, isn't it a bit ironic that you're wearing workout clothes to sit and eat with me all afternoon?" I gave her a hug.

"Ironic?" she asked, puzzled.

"Nevermind! Let's play some Little Big Planet!" I said, changing the subject.

McKenna laid on the fold out chair. "This is awesome!"

I did the same. They are so comfy! Perfect for an afternoon of playing video games.

We played the afternoon away, eating and laughing and playing. It was a great way to unwind!

What kinds of activities do you do with your friends to unwind and relax?

{On McKenna: McKenna's Warm Up Outfit from American Girl; On me: Cardigan from QT Pie Doll Clothing on Etsy; Jeans: Liberty Jane; Shoes and Shirt: Lovvbugg on eBay; Hair clip: Fleur18 Studio on Etsy}