October 31, 2015

Spirit Boards and Skeletons

Happy Halloween, everyone!

This year, I'm Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany's - one of my favorite movies, and one of my all-time favorite actresses, Audrey Hepburn! My costume is from The Lady History Project on Etsy. Check out her shop - she makes great outfits!

This year, I decided to host a spooky get-together for my friends and me. I went a little overboard on the decorating and treats (with the help of my mom, of course!).

My favorite treat was this skeleton punch from Ann's AG Miniatures on Etsy!

A first knock came at the door. Which of my friends could this be?

It was Harper! She came dressed as her favorite princess, Princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty.

We hugged, telling each other how fabulous we looked.

Another knock, followed by my friend MeMe! She's a sock hop girl from the 1950s!

MeMe and I hugged, and I heard the doorbell ring again!

It was another best friend of mine, Margot! Margot was dressed as a TY Beanie Baby Bear. Cute!

We hugged too, and it was time for the spooky fun to begin!

"Help yourselves to punch and snacks, ladies!" I said.

"I've got an idea for some spooky fun!" I said.

"Since it's Halloween and all, let's play with the spirit board!" I said, after cleaning off the table a bit. "I don't believe in ghosts anyway, so this should be some harmless fun. Look, I even got an EMF reader so we can see if there are any ghosts around to talk to us!"

"Now, who wants to hold the EMF reader?" I asked. "Harper?"

"Oh heck no!" Harper exclaimed. "I DO believe in ghosts and this whole thing sounds like a bad idea!"

"Don't be such a spoil sport," said Margot, taking the EMF reader from me. "There's no such thing as ghosts anyway; this is just for fun!"

"Yeah!" I piped in. "Haven't you heard of ideomotor phenomenon? That's what makes these things work anyhow."

Harper mumbled something about idiot-moron phenomenon, but I ignored her. I set the board and the planchette on the table in front of all of us.

We all tentatively reached our hands out to the planchette as Margot adjusted the EMF meter...

"I have a bad feeling about this..." MeMe said.

"Me too!" said Harper.

"Oh, you guys!" I said. "Let's start by asking a question..."

"I've got one!" Margot piped in. "Let's start with a general question. Is there anyone here with us?"

To our surprise, the planchette moved and moved our hands along with it!

"Oh, dudes, this is so not cool!" Harper said tensely.

"Stop it!" I retorted. "We're moving it ourselves! Ideomotor phenomenon and stuff. Let's ask another question. Are you an evil spirit?"

"Well, that's a relief!" MeMe sighed.

"You guys!" Margot said. "The EMF meter is going crazy!"

"The planchette is moving again!" Harper shrieked. "It's spelling something!"

We spelled the letters aloud as the planchette moved...





"...another L..."


"Shelly?!" Margot said. "AHH THE EMF METER IS OFF THE CHARTS!"

"Oh man, this was not a great idea!" I said.
Then we heard a loud thump. Margot dropped the EMF meter. "What was that?!"
Another loud thump and the door creaked open. AHHHHHHHH!
"Please don't scream! It's just my costume," a small voice said.
"Who are you?!" I said, still scared out of my wits.

"My name is Shelly, I am your new neighbor from down the street," she said. "I heard about your party and came down in my skeleton costume. Shelly the Skelly, get it?" She raised up her arms for dramatic effect.

We all laughed, telling Shelly what a great costume she had.

"Sorry for yelling!" I said. "Come enjoy the party with us!"

"Thanks!" she said. "Happy Halloween!"

We had a lot of fun that night! The only weird part was, after everyone left, I asked my mom about Shelly and our new neighbors. My mom looked at me confused and said, "Charlie, we don't have any new neighbors, and no one named Shelly lives in this neighborhood!" GASP!


What is your Halloween costume this year?