April 26, 2015

Cosplay Practice

Hello all!

My cousin Louise came over today so we could show each other our cosplay. For those of you who don't know, cosplay is short for "costume play", and it is when people dress up as their favorite character, usually to attend a convention, but sometimes just for fun! Louise and I hope to go to our local Comic Con this fall, and we've been working on our costumes together for months.

I'm dresssed as my interpretation of a warrior princess named Arya from a popular series of fantasy books that I sneak into my Dad's office to read because my Mom says it's "too mature" for me. Hehe! I have a wooden practice sword that goes with my costume. My Dad has taught be some cool moves with it!

Louise is dressed as a student from Hogwarts from the Harry Potter series. Her house is Slytherin, and she even has a cool wand and cloak!

 "Expecto patronum!" she shouted, waving her wand.

We had a long discussion about which of our characters would win in a battle, and then proceeded to enact said battle.

I think I won, but Louise thinks she won! Sigh.

Do you have any hobbies like cosplay?

{What I'm Wearing: Shirt from American Girl; Bodice by Realms of Legend on Etsy; Pants by Sophia's brand; Boots purchased on eBay. On Louise: Shirt, vest, tie, and skirt by Dolls Clothes by Carole; Shoes by American Girl; Cloak was a gift from Etsy}

April 5, 2015

Easter Surprises

Happy Easter, everyone! (Or Passover, or Springtime, or whatever you celebrate!) 

In my family, we are not religious but we celebrate Easter as a way of bringing our family together for a big meal, and of course, I get visited by the Easter Bunny!

I got all dressed to go to my Grandma and Grandpa A's house for a yummy Easter feast. But when I got downstairs, I noticed that the Easter Bunny must have visited while I was getting ready! Awesome!

There were eggs filled with candy, a few pieces of my favorite candy (like candy buttons - YUM!), and as always, a GIANT chocolate bunny! I like to eat them feet first, not ears first. Do you?

After I finished squealing about the candy, I heard a tiny peeping sound. Peep peep peep! What could that sound be?!

Tiny chicks! But where did they come from? And where is their mom?!

Just as I spotted their hen mom, my mom told me that she and my dad have friends who raise chicks at their house, and they knew how much I wanted to see them, so they worked it out to have the Easter Bunny bring them to my house for the morning! Cool, huh?

I slowly reached out to the chicks as they peeped and chirped heartily. They certainly weren't scared of me!

I picked up one of the chicks gingerly and held it up to look at. It was so tiny and fuzzy!

Peep peep!

When I sat the chick down, it tumbled and fell over! Oh no!

"It's okay, Charlie," my mom said. "Chicks are clumsy but it's not hurt. It'll get right back up again!"

"See, Charlie?" she said. "Right as rain! Now, see if the hen will let you hold her."

She was so soft and gentle! My mom said the hen's name was Henrietta. Get it? HEN-rietta! Hehe!

Wow, what a neat thing! I really love learning about new animals!

As I sat Henrietta down, I saw a cage had appeared!

What IS this thing?!

I lifted up the cage door a tiny bit...

...and a tiny nose poked out! What could this be?!

Oh my goodness, it's a bunny! It's so cute!

I picked up the bunny and cuddled it gently. It was so sweet!

"Our friends also have bunnies on their property," my mom said. "One day soon, we can go there and pick out one to be all yours! Now that we have a big backyard, we can build a hutch for your bunny to live in!"

I cheered. "Thanks, Mom and Dad and Mom and Dad's friends! I can't wait to have a new pet!"

Happy Easter, everybody! Do you have any special traditions that you do for the spring holiday you celebrate?

{What I'm Wearing: Dress by Springfield Collection; Hat by Clarisse's Closet on Etsy; Shoes by American Girl}