February 14, 2016

My Valentine


Valentine's Day is my favorite holiday. Everything is covered in red, pink, and purple hearts and chocolate is plentiful!

This year, I had an unexpected guest on Valentine's Day - my friend Julian! He is my best friend Harper's little brother.

He brought over a balloon and lots of cookies and a banner and a conversation heart pillow!

"Thank you, Julian!" I said. "These are awesome!"

"You're welcome, Charlie," Julian replied. "Actually, Charlie, I have something to ask you."

"What is it?" I asked, getting a little weirded out when he leaned in too close.

"Will you be my Valentine?" he whispered.

"Of course I will!" I replied.

"Okaythanksbye!" Julian said quickly, handing me the balloon and heading for the door and out of the house.

"That was weird but cute, I guess," I said to myself. "That's the first time I've been asked to be someone's Valentine! Awesome!"

Have you ever had a Valentine on Valentine's Day?

{On me: Sophia's brand jeans, everything else American Girl}