August 16, 2015

Mashed Potato Madness with Margot


My friend Margot came over this weekend and we made one of my favorite foods - mashed potatoes!

Keep in mind we had my mom with us while we used knives and the stove - safety first! You should always have an adult present when you're cooking.

We readied the ingredients and utensils...

"Let's get started!" I said.

"Start by washing the potatoes," Margot said.

After we finished rinsing the potatoes off, we took them back to the table to peel them.

"Margot, can you please get the butter and milk? It's not mashed potatoes without them!" I said.

"Can do!" Margot replied.

"Okay, time to get peeling!" I said. Always make sure you have an adult with you while you peel vegetables - it can be dangerous!

Once the potatoes are peeled, we chopped them into smaller pieces and put them into a pan filled with water. Again, make sure you have an adult with you when you do anything with a knife or the stove! (Sorry I sound like a broken record, but I am big on safety!)

I carefully put the potatoes on the stove and got the water boiling.

Margot peeked around my shoulder. After a while she said, "Looks like they are done! Let's dump them in the colander."

Then I took the colander of potatoes and dumped them into the bowl on the table.

Now it was finally time to mash the potatoes!

Then we added the butter...

...and I stirred it. 

Then Margot measured out the milk...

Then poured the milk into the potatoes...

...and I stirred it.

Finally, Margot added salt..

...and pepper...

...and I stirred it one last time.

I blopped the mashed potatoes on our plates, so excited to finally eat them.

Margot and I took a bite at the same time...

...and shouted with glee! They were perfect!

Have you done any cooking with your friends?

{On me: Springfield leggings, Shirt by Lost In A Jungle on Etsy, Shoes by Exclusively 18" on Etsy, Apron by AG; On Margot: American Girl Grace's Baking Outfit}