September 28, 2014

Double Trouble - The Twins in My Life: Part One

I have a lot of twins in my life - some are friends, some are family, and some are classmates. Twins are supposed to be rare but they sure seem to happen a lot in my neck of the woods! Today, I'm going to introduce you to my cousins, Saige and Simone, and their dogs, Coco and Marc.

Saige and Marc are on the left, and Simone and Coco are on the right. Aren't they a fashionable bunch?

Red hair runs in my family - can you tell?

Saige is older than Simone by about two minutes, but you can't really tell - especially because Simone acts like she thinks she's a grown up!

A few years ago, Saige and Simone got to pick out one pet each - they both chose dogs! This is Coco - she's a Pomeranian who belongs to Simone.

This is Saige's dog, Marc. Both Saige and Simone named their dogs after famous fashion designers. Can you guess which ones?

Simone has green eyes and bright red hair that is long and wavy. She's also quite tall!

Saige has blue eyes, long and wavy auburn hair, and freckles. While she and Simone look very alike, they are not identical. They are fraternal twins, or rather, because they are both girls, sororal twins. Interesting, huh?

Do you know anyone who is a twin or are you a twin yourself? Let me know in the comments!

{On Saige - Jewelry, sweater, tank, and jeggings: American Girl Saige's sweater outfit, accessories, and necklace from Sparkle Dress ~ Moccasins, handbag, and sunglasses: The Crafty Sewing Bee on Etsy ~ On Simone - Tank: 123 Mulberry Street ~ Lace kimono: Adin's Atelier on Etsy ~Necklace: Everyday Dollwear on Etsy ~ Bag: Meg Ori's Dolls Boutique on Etsy ~ Jeans: Sophia's brand ~ Shoes: Madame Alexander}


  1. Hi Charlie,

    Saige and Simone are gorgeous! I love their red hair. Sometimes I wish I had red hair myself, although I do like my dark hair quite a bit.

    I am not a twin myself, although I certainly feel like one! My "little" sister is ten months younger than me, so we've often pretended to be twins. She has actually gone so far as to dye her hair to match mine (normally it's just a bit lighter), and we sometimes celebrate our summer birthdays together (hers is in June, mine is in August). We're glad we're so close in age, but it's fun to recognize our differences, too.

    My classmate Astrid is a twin, though! She and her twin sis Amelia could be identical if not for their eyes! Astrid has grey eyes while Amelia has chocolate brown.


    1. Hello Sophie!

      I think it's cool that you and your sister are so close in age! My little sister is 5 years younger than me, so mostly she just wrecks my stuff and embarrasses me in front of my friends. I'll be posting about her soon. Your friends Astrid and Amelia sound so pretty! I'll have to go looking for pics of them on your blog. :)


  2. Of our gals, Willow and Charlie are twins. :)
    They'd be identical, if they didn't style their hair differently. That, and if Charlie didn't need glasses. Even with their differences we still occasionally call them by their other half. xD
    Simone and Saige are gorgeous, and we love their red hair! =D
    ~The Shire Gals

  3. Hi! I just found your blog and read every post (they're all awesome), plus I made sure to follow. ANYWAYS...

    Simone and Saige have the coolest hair, my two resident red heads (well, they have auburn hair, but they say "auburn head" isn't a thing ;) ) are jealous ;) none of my girls are twins, although I hope to welcome a set or two into our home someday =) I'm looking forward to future posts!