October 13, 2014

My New Room, at Long Last!

Hi friends! Notice anything different?

I got new glasses for the new school year! They are the pinnacle of geek chic, are they not?

Oh, and I got some new kitty shoes. They are the coolest!

So, now on to the reason for my post today. The time has finally come...

My new room is finished! Please excuse the poor lighting - I'm still working on that part, but everything else is done!

I had to do a lot of measuring...

...lots and lots of measuring...

...and even more measuring!

Not a lot has changed from my old room, but some things have - like my shelves! They're in a different place, and I rearranged my toy collection. I finally got to put up my Pokemon!

My desk is pretty much the same - covered in candy! And my hamster Norman still lives there.

Above my closet is the rest of my toys and games - do you have any of these?

Overall, I'm happy to have a space again that's all my own! Do you like my new room?

{Top: from local doll shop Georgell ~ Pants: 123 Mulberry Street on Etsy ~ Shoes: Lovvbugg on eBay ~ Glasses: Springfield collection, repainted}


  1. Charlie, I'm really glad you got your room settled in your new house. It's awesome!
    ~ Kiki

  2. Hiya Charlie,

    Your new room looks awesome! I love all of the cheery yellow and how the ribbons on your closet match your bed and shelves. I'm so glad you're finally settled! I just moved myself, and it feels like my whole life is in boxes!