October 29, 2014

Pumpkin Carving with Callie and Georgie

Happy Halloween y'all!

Welcome to the first of my Halloween posts - I will post another one Friday after my friends and I are done trick-or-treating. Tonight, my friends Georgie and Callie (who are identical twins) came to carve pumpkins with me, my parents, and my Grandma and Grandpa A.

I picked out a huge pumpkin, while Georgie and Callie both brought smaller pumpkins. As always, they picked out ones that looked exactly alike! (If you haven't guessed, Georgie is in orange, and Callie is in black.) We also had some pumpkin pie flavored soda (it was really sweet and yummy!), and some popcorn while we carved our pumpkins.

My Grandpa cut open and gutted the pumpkins for us, so we wouldn't have to do the dangerous or yucky parts. We used knives to carve the pumpkins because my parents and grandparents were there to help us - you should never use knives by yourself!

We took the tops off of our pumpkins...

"Let's make them all have faces!" Callie suggested.

"Okay!" said Georgie. "I want mine to have a scared face!"

They drew the faces on their pumpkins...

...And we picked up our knives carefully...

...and we began to carve!

Soon, we were done carving!

All of our pumpkins had awesome funny faces!

"Hey Georgie!" I said. "Check it out!"

"My pumpkin is eating your pumpkin!"

We all laughed really hard at that! We also had a good laugh because it looked like Callie's pumpkin was happy to get away!

This was definitely one of my favorite Halloween moments in my life so far!

What are your favorite Halloween moments?


  1. Haha, those pumpkins are so cool! And not to mention funny ;) I hope you and your friends have a great night tomorrow!


  2. Hey Charlie,

    You three made some silly-looking pumpkins! I'm glad you had such a great time. It definitely reminds me of pumpkin-carving with my friends Inky and Violet. I don't think I've done any pumpkin-carving since then, in fact! Maybe I should try it again someday.

    Happy Halloween!