October 25, 2014

Picking Pumpkins

Hola! (That's about all the Spanish I speak.)

This weekend, my family and I went on a road trip to a nearby small town to eat lunch and pick our pumpkins to carve for Halloween! Here are some pictures we took along the drive.

My dad thought that this fence was a perfect spot to take pictures! I think he was right.

Next, I picked out some pumpkins. My mom wanted to take pictures of me posing next to them. I thought it might be silly, but it turned out really cute.

After all the day trips, food, and cutesy pumpkin pictures, I was tired. What a day! Once I'm not so tired, I'll be carving the pumpkins and sharing the results with you!

I just love everything fall. Do you have any fall traditions?

{Sweater: Soda Pop Street on Etsy ~ Jeans: Liberty Jane Clothing ~ Boots: American Girl Ivy's Meet Outfit}


  1. Salut, Charlie!
    I love your sweater; it is definitely my style!

  2. We live on a tropical island this time of year and fall looks very different and The Day of the Dead is the big celebration. I love your photos and enjoy seeing fall in the north. I hope to post a blog about fall around here sometime this week.
    ~ Kiki