October 19, 2014

The First Day of School

I had my first day of school in early September. I go to a charter school for gifted students with my best friend, Harper.

Admission into our school can be really hard; you have to take lots of tests to show that you can keep up with all the schoolwork and get good grades! I really love my school, even if it is hard sometimes.

On my first day, I came in and found my desk, and put my lunchbox away. I started the 5th grade this year!

I started to take off my backpack and put it down on my desk. I picked out the most important thing in my bag -  my pencil!

I also keep my lunch money in my backpack along with my emergency pack of M&Ms. A girl can never be without chocolate, in my opinion.

As I was laying down my notebook, Harper came in. We have the same homeroom this year!

"Hey Charlie!" Harper greeted.

"Hey Harper!"

We hugged each other as if we hadn't seen each other all summer, but we had just seen each other weeks before! Harper and I also are in the same ballet class at Ballet West.

I sat down and got comfortable while Harper unpacked her backpack and got settled.

Harper began to unpack all her brand new school supplies. Harper's dad is a really successful lawyer who makes a lot of money; he adopted Harper and her brother Julian when they were babies. They live in a very nice penthouse downtown. So, all of Harper's things are brand new and really nice.

Also, most of Harper's things are pink or purple. She is very prissy - her words, not mine. Even her pencils are pink!

Harper put her backpack up and we got ready for our first lesson of the new school year!

I happened a glance over at Harper's school supplies; she had a funny looking clip sitting on her desk.

"Harper, what is this thing?" I asked, picking it up and looking at it in a puzzled way.

"How should I know?" Harper said. "I found it in my dad's office; they use them there all the time. I figure it'll come in handy sometime this year. Now please put it back!"

"Sorry!" I said, replacing the clip.

"It's okay!" Harper said. "So, what are you having for lunch? My dad's assistant is bringing me lunch today."

"Do you wanna see?" I asked. "My dad made my lunch this morning. He loves to cook, so I know it'll be something good."

With great anticipation, I opened the sandwich case in my lunchbox.

Tempura shrimp and rice! Yum! My dad is the best cook.

"That looks awesome!" Harper said.

Just then, our teacher walked in and we knew it was time to get to learning...


When did you start school this year? Or do you go to a year-round school? Sound off in the comments!

{On me: Hoodie from local doll shop Georgell; Jeans by Maggie and Joan on Etsy; Shoes from Judy's Cuties on eBay ~ On Harper: Jacket from Amazon; Skirt from local doll shop Georgell; Boots from Judy's Cuties on eBay}

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  1. Hiya Charlie,

    I hope you have a great 5th grade year. I'm in 8th this year, almost to high school (or, as we call it, upper school). I go to a private arts school, but it starts at the same time as the local public schools - the day after Labor Day! It's been a mess of a school year so far, though, only because the dorms were just rebuilt. I've had to move dorm rooms, and I still have so many boxes to unpack. Classes are good, though. I'm absolutely loving Physical Science, as usual!