September 1, 2014

Backyard Camping with Lanie: Part III

Hey everybody!

School starts for me tomorrow, and I can't think of a better way to wrap up my summer than to share with you the conclusion of Lanie's and my annual backyard camping trip!

We set up a tent in the backyard, because only one of us can sleep in the camper and it's kind of scary to sleep alone when you're camping - even if it's only in the backyard! The grass was really wet, so we set up the tent on the concrete and filled the tent with lots of cushy pillows and sleeping bags. It was still light out, but we didn't care. After all that driving and cooking, we were ready to wind down!

Before we settled down to go to sleep, we set up a campfire. I enjoyed some hot cocoa while Lanie roasted a hot dog and a marshmallow. (Don't ask, she likes to eat really weird stuff before bed!)

"I'm getting sleepy!" I declared, standing up and walking over to get in the tent. 

I set the cup and coffee tin at the edge of the dying fire and then got into the tent.

I laid down in the tent and began to fall asleep, too tired to even take off my glasses or get under the covers.

"I guess I'm ready, too!" Lanie said. She laid down her skewer and picked up the lantern.

Lanie crawled in the tent and laid down, also too tired to get into the sleeping bag.

We slumbered peacefully for a while...

But Lanie began to stir. "What's that noise?" she mumbled.

Little did we know, there were raccoons outside, eating our leftovers!

Lanie sat straight up in the tent and cried, "Charlie! Wake up! Look at the raccoons!"

"That's nice, Lanie," I replied, half-asleep.
"No, Charlie, get up! RACCOONS!" Lanie exclaimed.

"Huh? What?" I snorted, sitting up quickly.
"Look!" Lanie said, gesturing towards the creatures devouring our food. They stopped and stared at us, and we stared back.

"Look!" I yelled, coming out of the tent. "They're running away!"

And away they scurried in a blur, knocking over a chair in the process.

"What a day!" we both exclaimed.

Have you ever encountered furry (or not-so-furry) creatures on a camping trip? Let me know in the comments!

{On Lanie - Pajamas: ranrangusbus on eBay ~ On me - Bunny pajamas: 2debsadorables on eBay ~ Hoodie: Lovvbugg on eBay}


  1. Unfortunately, we have run into creatures....of all kinds! Human ones, alien ones and furry ones! Never have we seen such cute ones as your little raccoons though! They are adorable but they did create a bit of a mess for you!

    1. Thanks, Dolly Dorm Diaries! Yes, they are cute, and I think that's what saved them! ;) Alien creatures, huh? I'll have to check that out on your blog! :)

  2. last year I went on a scout camp in the middle of a field and some caws just walked strait through it when we were packing up