September 17, 2014

Harper Spends the Night

Hello all! Charlie here. Before I moved, my friend Harper came to spend the night at my old house. I was super excited! Harper is a total fashionista, and she lives downtown with her dad, who is a lawyer. In fact, he named her Harper Leigh because the book "To Kill a Mockingbird" inspired him to become a lawyer (he just changed the spelling of her name). Neat huh? Anyway, Harper being the high-maintenance girl that she is, is incapable of packing lightly...

...So needless to say, when she arrived with several bags, I greeted her and immediately was bombarded while she unloaded her stuff!

First she brought out her Kanani doll! I was so excited to play dolls with Harper while she spent the night!

Then she started unpacking her sleeping bag, pillow, pajamas - everything! Geeze Louise, Harper, it's only one night...

Her sleeping bag landed on my head in the midst of her unpacking madness!

"Whoops! Sorry!" Harper said. "I guess I got a little excited there."

Harper did a double take. "Charlie!" she exclaimed. "What is with these split ends?! Girl, you need a makeover!"

"I do?" I asked. "Well, okay then. Let's get out my vanity and get to it!"

"Now let's get started!" Harper said.

First, she brushed my hair...

Then, she flat ironed it...

And then we had the big reveal!
"Do you like it?" Harper asked.

"I love it!" I replied.

"Thank you, Harper! It's beautiful!"

Then, my Mom and Dad had pizza delivered and we had sodas too! My Mom said that the caffeine might make us loopy so I promised we would try not to overdo it.

Harper and I watched a ballet movie, because we both are enrolled in the Ballet West Academy along with my friend, Isabelle. It was a great movie! My Mom made us cupcakes to enjoy with our pizza while we watched the movie. Thanks Mom!

After the movie, we played with our dolls. I have Molly and Emily, and Harper brought her Kanani doll. We had a great time playing with them! They're my favorite toys and I love them so much.

Harper loved playing with my Emily doll. Emily and Kanani became great friends!

It was getting late, so I decided to put Molly to bed, and we were soon to follow.

We got into our pajamas, and I helped Harper get her sleeping bag ready.

Rory tried to help us, but he really only got in the way. Silly Rory!

Then we said good night!

My Mom said we were both out as soon as our heads hit the pillow. We had had a busy night!

{On me - Shirt, shoes, and pants: Liberty Jane Clothing ~ Pajamas: American Girl Molly's pajamas ~ On Harper - Dress: Anick's Boutique on Etsy ~ Boots: American Girl Saige's meet boots ~ Pajamas: American Girl Kanani's pajamas}

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  1. Hey Charlie,

    It looks like you and Harper had a great time! I love sleepovers, too, particularly when I get to eat pizza, watch movies, and play dolls with my best friend. You have such a cool room...or had!...I should say. I can't wait to see your *new* room as I'm sure it looks even better, right?