May 4, 2014

My Molly Collection

Hey all!

Like the new streak of blonde in my hair? I'll tell you how that came about in my next post, but first - let me tell you about my mini Molly collection! I have Molly & Emily, and lots of outfits and accessories. I keep them in a big trunk in my room.

I like Molly best because she has glasses! She is my favorite American Girl historical doll.

Here is Molly with her dog, Bennett. I love tiny stuffed animals, don't you?

Molly loves to wear her accessories! I got these right before she retired.

Here they are in their box!

I just adore Molly's school stuff! They're my favorite part of each American Girl's collection. I have Molly's school outfit, school bag and supplies, and her lunch.

Here's her lunch! I have an older version with a paper lunch sack, and the pear and cookie aren't attached. Whose idea was it to ruin cookies with fruit anyway?!


I love her tiny school supplies!

Here are Molly and Emily in their Christmas dresses!

I only have the box from Molly's Christmas set - I hope to get the globe and doll for my birthday this year!

And here's Molly in my favorite outfit of hers - her camping outfit! I'm saving up money to buy her tent and camping accessories so I can complete that part of her collection.

And here's Molly on her original bed - it's from Pleasant Company! I love having pieces of Molly's collection that are both old and new!

And finally - Molly in her birthday dress, with her dog, Bennett! I'd love to have her birthday treats but they're hard to find now - maybe I'll just have to have a Molly-themed birthday party this year!

I hope you enjoyed the look into my Molly McIntire collection!

[Note: Most of my Molly collection was made by the amazing Auntie Robin on Etsy! Other bits and pieces are from Etsy and Hobby Lobby's miniatures section.]


  1. Hi Charlie!
    This is Robin from AuntieRobin on Etsy. I love your blog! Thank you so much for mentioning my little doll clothes! I was so excited to see them in your pictures here. I would like to offer your blog readers a Free Shipping discount if they want to order doll clothes for their 6" mini AG dolls. The coupon code is FREESHIP. Thanks so much!

    1. Thank you so much, Robin! I'll be sure to make a separate post with this info later on today. :)


  2. Hi Charlie! I love your blog so much, I've been reading through old posts. Where did you get those adorable mini AG boxes?