May 22, 2014

My Girl of the Year Collection


The other day, I was in my room playing with my dolls when I realized - I haven't shared any of my modern dolls with you, my faithful blog readers! I have quite the collection of Girl of the Year (or GOTY) dolls and I'm about to have two more finished very soon. Here they are all in a row... Is the suspense killing you?!

Ta da! Here they are. I have all of the GOTY dolls from 2010 to the present!

I love lining them all up together!

Here's Lanie:

This is McKenna:

And here's a sneak preview of my Marisol, but poor thing is naked because I'm trying to find her meet outfit:

And here's another sneak preview, this time of Jess - she was totally naked when I found her at the thrift store, but I'm hoping to have her outfit soon too:

Well, that's my GOTY collection. Who is your favorite GOTY doll?


  1. Your dolls are sooo pretty!!
    I never thought of using mini Ruthie for Jess.
    Would you mind if I used your idea too?

    1. Thank you, Jo! Of course you may use my idea - in fact, I got the idea from somebody else! :) Thanks for checking out my blog!

  2. Great collection Charlie! I love them all! I can't wait to see Marisol when she is done. You already have a great start to her!

  3. Great collection! I love your Lanie! Her meet dress is fabulous. I can't wait to see your Jess and Marisol once you track down their meet outfits. Are you planning to add Lindsey, Kailey, and the rest, too? What about a Mia? I've a feeling she'd look so much like you. ;)


  4. I love your dolls, they're so pretty! I don't have any AG dolls yet, but my sister Melody has Cecile. I'm going to ask for a doll for my 13th birthday this year. I'd like either Felicity, Elizabeth, Kit or Caroline.
    My Blog: (Please check it out!)