May 9, 2014

Harper & The Almost-Hair-Disaster

A few weeks ago, my best friend Harper came over with her cat, Duchess.

She brought Duchess over to keep my dog, Rory, company. They're almost as good of friends as we are!

I gave Harper a big hug and I noticed something was different about her...

"Oh, Harper!" I exclaimed.

"Your hair! This curl is purple!"

"How did you do it?" I asked.

"It was easy - I did it at my house last week. My dad helped me a little, mostly so I wouldn't mess up the bathroom. Do you like it?" Harper asked.

"I love it! Can we do it to my hair, Harper? I want a light blonde streak, like Anna in Frozen!"

"As long as your mom and dad don't mind, sure we can do it, Charlie!"

"They don't mind!" I assured her, although I had never technically asked them about it before...

Harper got out lots of hair supplies...

...including a funny looking brush and a bowl she filled with what she called bleach, but was blue. I'd never dyed my hair before, so I assumed this was the right kind to use on hair. Harper is, after all, up-to-date on all the latest beauty trends!

"I'm nervous, Harper! What if it looks...funny?"

"It won't look funny, trust me. I've done this a couple of times, I know what I'm doing," she reassured me.

"Let's take off this headband and get started!" Harper exclaimed.

"Right about here looks good...It will be just like Princess Anna's!" Harper said.

Then she started painting my hair with the funny-looking brush...

...and I held the bowl for her so she could reach the bleach easily.

Now that's teamwork!

When Harper pulled out a piece of foil, I began to wonder if we were cooking my hair instead of coloring it...

Harper assured me that it helped the bleach not dry out while we waited for it to change my hair color. How exciting!

"And now, we wait!" Harper said.

So we waited...and waited...and waited for what felt like forever! I was so excited to see how it came out!

"Ta da!" exclaimed Harper. "Do you like it?"

"Oh, Harper..." I said.

I jumped out of my chair. "I love it! High five!"

"We're totally hair streak twins now!" Harper said.
"Right? We are the coolest!" I replied.

And then...

We heard my mom yell, "Charlie! What is that smell? Are you dying your hair?! You better not be without my permission!"

OH NO!!!!

"Forget this!" yelled Harper as she ran out the door. "I'm not getting in trouble again!"

"Oh geeze! Do you like my hair, Mom?"

...So my mom was mad, but she liked how my hair looked, so she let me keep it. But, she did make me promise to ask permission before letting Harper - or anyone else - dye my hair again. Lesson learned!

Have you ever gotten in trouble because you didn't ask permission first?

I hope you enjoyed my story!



  1. I love your new look, Charlie! So cute; you really do look like Princess Anna.

  2. Thank you, Syddie! I'm blushing over here... :)

  3. Such a cute story! I love Charlie's new hair streak!

  4. Hi Charlie,

    You do look just like Princess Anna! Isn't Frozen the best? I hope you didn't get in too much trouble, though. I haven't permanently dyed my hair, but my little sister has . . . and then there is my BFF, Nathalie. Nathalie, a redhead like you, experimented with dying her hair green once. Needless to say, it did not go over well, and she ended up cutting half of her hair off to salvage it, lol. I think she learned her lesson . . .


    1. Hello Sophie!

      Luckily, I wasn't in too much trouble! Too bad about your friend Nathalie! What a sad day that must have been for her. I'm glad Harper didn't fry my hair when she dyed it!

  5. Hi there, Charlie!
    I have done something like that, only it was when I was in America, at boarding school.
    It was a Saturday afternoon, and in our free time, my friends Ashleigh and Suzette took me out shopping to a nearby clothing boutique, Candy Kisses. We had so much fun together, trying on outfits and the like. We all wanted to be like the popular girl, Brooklyn, so we each bought a matching denim mini skirt. When we got back, we put our new clothes away and went off to tea. Everything was fine, well, up until I arrived back in Australia. Mum was helping me un-pack when she found the skirt. "What's this?" she asked "You know I do not allow you or Melody to wear hideous things like these mini skirts!" I explained what had happened, and she told me to throw it away. Unfortunately I had to obey her, so I didn't throw it away, but I don't wear it anymore. From now on, I'll make sure to check with her before purchasing something which I don't know if she'll let me wear!
    P.S. I did have my hair dyed dark auburn, but Mum took me to a professional stylist to get it done, so luckily it turned out fine!