May 26, 2014

Introducing my friend Margot!

Hey friends!

This past weekend, my friend Margot came over after she got her hair done - she just to have long, curly red hair and she decided to go back to her natural color! She got a short light brown bob and I think it is just the cutest. What do you think?

She is just so pretty! I wish I had freckles like hers.

And here is her favorite necklace - it's an owl! Owls are kind of her thing.

Margot takes her favorite stuffed owl with her almost everywhere! His name is Herman.

Margot's middle name is Stella. Isn't that super cool? My middle name is much more common - Amelia. What's your middle name?

Margot and I can't wait to go on more adventures together! Be sure to greet her in the comments so she feels welcome!

Thank you all reading the blog!

1 comment:

  1. Margot's new hairdo looks adorable!
    And I think Stella and Amelia are both great middle names! :)
    My dolls middle names are:
    Felicity Ann
    Josie Maria
    Marie Grace
    Kirsten Elizabeth
    Addy May
    Samantha Mary
    Rebecca Jane
    Molly Jean ( she prefers just "J" though)
    Emily Rose
    Julie Hazel
    Saige Lucille
    Lacey Anna
    kaya June