April 20, 2014

The Hoppiest of Easters!

Hey all!

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend, whatever holiday you celebrate! In my family, we celebrate Easter even though we don't go to church and aren't religious. Most holidays in my family are just that - family celebrations! On Easter, we eat lots of food, hunt for eggs, and get big baskets full of goodies.

This year, my parents said my best friend Harper could come with me to my Grandma and Grandpa A's house for our Easter festivities - I was so excited! Harper is so cool, and I always have a good time with her. Harper's dad is a lawyer and they live with her brother Julian in a really nice penthouse in the Downtown area of our city. Harper always has the neatest stuff, and I was looking forward to see what she'd wear on Easter.

My Grandma had baskets sitting out for us, and lots of Easter treats! Even better, my cousins Georgie and Callie were there - they're twins. Sometimes it makes me wish I had a twin!

All of our baskets were filled to the brim with treats, toys, and games. I'm super competitive so any game is fun in my book!

I opened the basket with trembling hands - I always tremble when I'm excited!

Bunny socks! I love collecting weird socks - I have some turkey socks for Thanksgiving too! Someday I hope to have socks for all occasions for my collection. So cute!

A yo-yo! Oh man, I am a bit klutzy but I can't wait to learn!

Clay! I can't wait to make tiny things out of it. Tiny things are the best, don't you agree?

And a coloring book! And it's green like my basket! My Grandma is so thoughtful.

And some candy eggs to top it all off! Thank you so much, Grandma and Grandpa!

My Grandma and Grandpa had a basket ready for Harper, too! Isn't that nice?

Harper seems much more ladylike in while she opens her basket, but trust me - she was more excited than I was!

A plush bunny! She had glittery eyes. Very cute!


A card game! Harper and I love to play games together.

A ball and cup toy! I'm no good at these but Harper nailed it on the first try!

And Harper got a coloring book too! More fun things we can do together.

And some candy eggs for Harper too! My Grandma is the best, isn't she?

Before we left, we posed with the Easter set up...

...and so did Georgie and Callie!

Happy Easter, Passover, Solstice - whatever you celebrate!


  1. Happy Easter, Charlie! My family is much the same as yours - we just use Easter as an excuse to get together and eat, haha. You got some great stuff in your basket, as did Harper (who is sooo pretty, by the way!). I love the little socks!


    1. Hello again, Sophie! I like those kind of holidays best - where you just get together and eat! I loved my basket too - the socks are so me. :) Harper says thank you, but she's starting to get a big head about how pretty she is! Thanks for all your kind words!


  2. Hello Charlie!
    I love your Easter shirt. I'm pretty sure you snagged it from JanieJumps just before me, but I'm not fussing. You look great in it! --Okay, I might be a little jealous.
    And Harper looks gorgeous! That color is wonderful on her.

    I'm glad to see you had such a nice Easter. Looking forward to more of your blogs!

    1. Hello Kristy! Thank you for complimenting my shirt! Isn't JanieJumps the best?

      Harper says thank you, she knows! (She's a little conceited sometimes but I just ignore her hehe.)

      Thanks again for your kind words and please come back anytime!