April 12, 2014

A Tour of My Room

Hello all!

My room is one of my favorite places in the world. It's cozy, full of my most treasured possessions, and best of all - it is so me! Lucky for you, I'm going to give you a tour of my room today.

You would not believe how much cleaning I had to do to make my room look like this...

This is my desk. I spend a lot of time here "studying" (read: watching Doctor Who on Netflix and hoping my mom doesn't catch me!).

Speaking of Doctor Who, here's my Tom Baker scarf that my mom knitted for me. It's really fuzzy and warm!

I have lots of candy on my desk - I have a big sweet tooth! Cookies, candy, cake... You name it, I love it, and I probably have some stashed somewhere in my room.

This is my hamster, Norman. He's pretty tame, but once you get him out of his cage, he loves to climb up and rest on your shoulder! Sometimes I let him sleep there while I do my homework.

And this is my dog, Rory. He's my faithful companion, so I named him after one of my favorite companions of the Doctor!

Sometimes he does tricks, but he gets bored easily. His favorite hobbies are eating, sleeping, and following me around.

These are Rory's favorite things - his food dish, his toy, his favorite treats (Snausages - and they better be the breakfast kind!), and his cozy bed. 

This is part of my book collection. I love reading! Someday I hope to collect and read all of the American Girl books. What do you like to read?

Here you can see my toys and my bed. My most special dolls stay on my bed - my Molly and Emily American Girl dolls, and a Lalaloopsy my Grandma A gave me!

Molly is my favorite doll, because she has glasses like me! Here is some of my collection for Molly. I keep asking for her table and chairs for my birthday. I sure hope I get them! I'll be sure to show you more of my Molly collection later.

Here's my nightstand. Some of Rory's stuff lives around here, and so does my clarinet. I take lessons for it on Wednesdays. I'm not nearly as good as I'd like to be!

You should be glad you can't hear the squeaking through the screen...

Here's a closeup - you can see my alarm clock and plant, and this is also where I keep my ring, my phone, and a picture of me and my good friend, Margot, at my birthday party last year!

These are my toys - I love Doctor Who, Despicable Me, and My Little Pony. I'm trying hard to find Doctor Hooves but every time I find one, I've already spent my allowance!

I have some decorations in my room. Here's my big letter "C" - for Charlie, of course!

And here's my closet! I'm kind of a clothes hoarder. It's a little stuffed... I might need to clean it out and sell some things soon!

Now that I think about it, I'm a little bit of a shoe hoarder too...

Ta da! That's my room. I hope you enjoyed the tour!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Hiya Charlie,

    I'm Sophie! Welcome to Blogger! I'm in LOVE with your bedroom - you have the coolest things! You and I definitely have the same definition of "studying" - I definitely spend more time watching shows at my desk than I do actually doing homework, hehe. I haven't gotten into Doctor Who yet (read: yet...), but it looks so good.

    My friend Maura is gonna be so envious of your Molly collection! She has Molly for the same reason you do (glasses!), and she's always begging her parents for more of Molly's collection. Me, I have Cécile. I so hope I can add her friend Marie-Grace before the two dolls are retired. It sucks loving the AGs that apparently don't sell well!

    Anyway, it's nice to meet you, and I look forward to reading about more of your adventures.


    1. Hello Sophie!

      Thank you for your compliments on my bedroom - I'm very proud of my decorating skills! My family is moving soon though so I'm hoping my room will still look the same once we move to our new house.

      You should definitely watch some Doctor Who! It's pretty much, like, the best show ever! And I can't wait to show your bespectacled (isn't that an awesome word?!) friend Maura the rest of my Molly collection. I have lots of pieces I haven't shown yet! I love Cecile, she's a very pretty doll! My friend Harper has her, and I love playing with her hair.

      It's nice to meet you too! Your blog is super cool. :) Glad to meet other awesome bloggers!