May 24, 2015


Hello everyone!

I hope you're having a great Memorial Day Weekend! I personally am, because yesterday morning I did some yoga with my friend MeMe (pronounced May-May). MeMe does yoga a lot, and I have only done it a little bit, so I was a little nervous to get started.

"Morning, MeMe!" I said.

"Namaste!" MeMe replied.

"What does that mean?"

"" MeMe said. "Anyway, get your mat set up, Charlie!"

I took my mat out of its carrier and began to unroll it.

"Let's start with the warrior pose!" MeMe said.

I could get used to this! I thought.

 "Okay!" MeMe said. "Now it's downward facing dog time!"

"Downward facing whaaaat?!" I exclaimed. "That's a silly name!"

"Now stick your chest out and do upward facing dog!" MeMe said.

There sure are a lot of dogs in yoga... I thought.

"Now the front splits pose!" directed MeMe.

"Now stretch up!" Meme exclaimed.

"MeMe!" I yelled. "This is burning my hip elastic! Yeow!"

"Okay, let's stretch a bit before we try one last pose!" MeMe said.

"What pose are we gonna do?" I asked.

"Wall-assisted handstands!" MeMe said.

Oh boy... I thought nervously.

"Let's try it! You can do it!" MeMe encouraged. "Now let's do it and say 'Ommmmmm'!"

"Ommmmmmmmmm!" we hummed in unison. This was pretty neat! We were doing it!

Finally we laid down, finished with our workout! I was so tired.

"Namaste!" MeMe sighed as we caught our breath.

"Namaste!" I replied. "Whatever that means!"

Have you ever tried yoga?

{What I'm wearing: Shirt and Pants from Springfield Collection; On MeMe: Shirt, pants and jacket by Madame Alexander}


  1. That looked fun! Some of the girls here do yoga, but not me! You did a great job.

  2. You guys looked like you had a lot of fun. Now Putting yoga on my summer bucket list :0)
    - Zoë

    1. Thanks, Zoe! We did have a lot of fun. Hope you've gotten some yoga in this summer! :)


  3. "This is burning my hip elastic." Hillarious, I'm exhausted watching you guys!!