May 1, 2015

Interview with The Doll Mag

Hello all!

I'm pleased to announce that the delightful sister team Lulu and Bella with The Doll Mag have interviewed me for an article about doll bloggers! I answered a few questions for them and even provided some behind the scenes pics of me doing what I love - blogging! You can check out the article here: LINK.

Here are some pictures that I took of my blogging "process"! (Hint: It involves a LOT of ice cream at a local ice cream shop!)

Sometimes a sweet treat gets my brain moving!

Mint is my Dad's and my favorite ice cream flavor. Yum!

Thank you to The Doll Mag! It was an honor to be featured in your magazine!

{What I'm wearing: Cardigan by Qute on Etsy; Shirt purchased at local doll shop Georgell; Pants by Journey Girls; Shoes from The Crafty Sewing Bee on Etsy}


  1. Ummm... That ice cream looks tasty.
    Congrats on getting featured!!
    - Zoë

  2. Congratulations! I love The Doll Mag! Lulu and Bell are wonderful. Sadly, we missed the March April issue. But we've read this one cover to cover and were thrilled to see you featured.