November 12, 2014

My Bestie Harper's Room

Hello everyone!

Harper here, Charlie's BFF. Charlie wanted me to make a guest post today to give you a tour of my room!

Now, my room is kinda small compared to Charlie's. That's because I live in a penthouse downtown with my dad, and my brother Julian.

A penthouse is a really nice apartment at the top of a tall building. My dad adopted me and my brother Julian (who is my real, biological brother) when I was one and Julian was two years old.

I love all things pink and frilly and fabulous! Charlie calls me a fashionista, but mostly it's my dad who dresses me. He goes to the nice mall downtown after work all the time (he's a lawyer), and brings me some new clothes a few times a month.

Because my dad works so much, Julian and I have a nanny named Betty who takes us to school, makes us meals, and helps us with homework. Betty plays dolls with me every night after my homework is done.

I have a Samantha doll (you'll see some of her collection on the blog soon), and a Cecile doll that my dad got for me when I heard she was retiring earlier this year. I also have a stuffed bunny, unicorn, and bear that I love.

I keep a lot of my things in this storage tower in my room, including my iPad, some books, my perfume and lipstick, iPod, and lamp. Samantha's things are in one of the drawers.

And this is my cat, Duchess. You have met her on the blog before here. She's my perfect little angel and I just love her! Sometimes she crawls up on the shelves in my storage tower and sleeps there.

I keep her food bowls in my room so she won't have to walk far to get something to eat!

Thanks for checking out my room! I hope you enjoyed my guest post!

{On me: Skirt and leggings by Maplelea; Boots from Amazon; Shirt from All Doll'd Up on eBay}


  1. Harper, your room is so cute and girly! I just love your bed; it totally reminds me of something Samantha would sleep in. You have a nice collection of toys, too, and ooh, Duchess is so cute. She reminds me of my friend Chiara's kitty.


  2. Your room is gorgeous, Harper!
    I've always wanted a bed like that, it looks like something a princess would sleep in.
    And guess what? I have Cecile too! Except her hair went berserk and I lost one of her boots :(
    She's still a really nice doll though, and I love playing with her.

    1. Hello Jessica! I just love Cecile, although mine's hair is a little crazy too! :P

  3. That is an awesome room. Thank you for showing us around.