November 3, 2014

My Harry Potter Collection

Hey everybody!

As the weather gets colder outside, I just want to stay in and read a good book...or seven!

Recently, I got into the Harry Potter series (yes, I realize that as a geek, I am way late to the party on this!).

I was hooked from the very first page and I've already read them all twice!

I even started a collection! I got this huge trunk from our attic and filled it with my new stuff.

Let's see what's inside, shall we?

I have a cauldron, and a bottle of gillyweed!

I also have a crystal ball...

...and I also have pumpkin juice and a chocolate frog!

I printed myself some copies of "The Daily Prophet"...

...and "The Quibbler"!

I also made myself a Ministry of Magic ID booklet.

And I have my own Marauder's Map!

I found a nice lady on Etsy who makes awesome Hogwarts acceptance letters...

...and a Platform 9 3/4 ticket!

I also have a plush owl. She doesn't have a name yet.

And now, my favorite piece in my collection - my wand!

Thanks for checking out my collection!

{Shirt: Springfield with an iron-on; Jeans: Sophia's brand; Book by Laura's Little Loot; Trunk from Joann; Gillyweed from The Deco Damsel on Etsy; Pumpkin juice and chocolate frog were gifts purchased on Etsy; Crystal Ball from Barnes & Noble; Hogwarts Letter and Platform 9 3/4 Ticket from Legendary Letters on Etsy; Wand from Very Happy Wednesday on Etsy}


  1. Oh, wow! What a collection! I really love your Sorcerer's Stone book. I'm going to bookmark the shop so that maybe I can get my own. I usually check the Harry Potter books out from my library, but I'd love to own a set.


  2. SO cool! Seriously jealous right now. Oh, I love Harry Potter.

  3. LOVE this post and your collection! Thank you for sharing. I'd really like to have a set of the Harry Potter books.
    [And is there a way to follow your blog so that posts are delivered to my inbox?]

  4. what house are you in charlie