December 24, 2015

Christmas Present Opening Extravaganza 2015

Merry Christmas to those who celebrate, and Happy Holidays to all!

A shot of our white, blue, and silver Christmas tree.

When I woke up this morning, my Mom and Dad told me to get ready for my annual present opening. I threw my hair up in a bun and put my special Olaf earrings on!

I was stunned to see two huge packages and my stocking under the tree! (The other presents are for other members of our family.)

The first package was from my Grandma & Grandpa. I wonder what they got me?

The first gift inside was a green yo-yo! I told my Grandma I wanted to learn how to use them and she remembered! 

The other gift from my grandparents was this purple kitty ear hat! My Grandpa and I saw this one at the mall and I loved it. My grandparents are so thoughtful!

You can't see it in this picture but it has paws on the underside of the flaps! Cute! Thanks Grandma and Grandpa!

Next, my Mom said to open my present from her and my Dad.

I flopped down with the gift and started tearing the paper...

Could it be...?

IT IS! A brand new XBOX 360 just for me! And with two controllers! I can't wait to play a game with my Dad on this system!

"Thank you, Mom and Dad!" I squealed.

"You're welcome, Charlie!" my Dad said. "Check your stocking, I think Santa left you some goodies too!"

I flopped down with my stocking and gently emptied it of its contents...

"Mmm! Candy canes!" I said.

"Now what could this be?" I wondered aloud. "Oh, it's my favorite candy, Pocky!"

Santa is awesome for knowing what my favorite candy is! Yum!

I reached in my stocking and felt something familiar. Eeek! Is this what I think it is?

It is! It's some games for my new 360!

I got Halo 4...

And Beautiful Katamari...

...and Fable 3!

"Thank you, Santa!" I said aloud. My parents chuckled.

What a wonderful Christmas I had! What did you get for Christmas this year, if you celebrate?

{On me: Sweater, tank, sweatpants, and slippers from Georgell Doll Shop in West Jordan, UT}


  1. Merry Christmas, Charlie! Sounds like you had a great holiday!

  2. May got a totoro backpack and Shannon got the Kaya accessories.

  3. Happy holidays! I want to come over and play with your new toys!