December 16, 2015

Build A Bear Workshop Adventure!

Hello everyone!

I hope you're having a wonderful holiday season! My Mom and Dad said I can go ahead and pick out a present early. I love stuffed animals so I asked for some money to go to Build A Bear Workshop with my best friend Harper!

I knew I wanted one of the Minions - I love them! I have a Minions poster and some figures in my room, and the fluffy unicorn from the first "Despicable Me" movie. Bob is my favorite Minion!

Immediately, I spotted only one Bob left!

"Harper! Look!" I exclaimed. "They only have the one left and he's already stuffed, but I don't care!"

I hoisted him onto my shoulder and yelled, "KING BOB!"

I grabbed a house-shaped carrier and packed him into it.

"If you're sure, Charlie..." Harper said. "Don't forget the birth certificate!"

I put Bob and his birth certificate into the carrier.

"Well, I'm done!"

"It's your turn, Harper," I said. "Do you know which one you're getting?"

"Not really," Harper said. She looked at all the animals on display.

After a few minutes, Harper exclaimed, "That's the one! The bunny!"

"That one is really cute!" I said. "Pick an unstuffed one from the bin!"

Harper brought the bunny over to the stuffing machine...

...and got it filled with stuffing!

"Now for my favorite part - clothes!" Harper said.

"Look!" I said. "It's Bob's bear, Tim! My Bob needs him!"

I plucked it off the shelf.

"My bunny needs this..." Harper said.

"...And this!" she said.

"Let's pay and go to the next store!"

What a wonderful adventure we had in Build A Bear! Have you ever been to a Build A Bear?

Here are some extra shots of my local store:

{On me: Sweater made by my Grandma, Jeans by Upbeat Petites on Etsy, boots from Lovvbugg on eBay, bag by Blueberry Brook on Etsy; On Harper: Jacket from Madame Alexander, tank and skirt by Girls & Dolls on Etsy, boots by Maddie's Girls on Etsy; bag by The Queen's Treasures; Printables in the Build a Bear from American Girl Ideas blog}


  1. You've outdone yourself this time! I can't wait to show this to my grandsweeties. They like going to BAB.

  2. Wow! You really went all out on this display and story. Now all the dolls here want to visit Build-a-Bear!

  3. Amazing! It looks so real! My dolls want to come to your store :-)