February 28, 2015

My Crazy-Haired Friend Olive!

Meet my friend, Olive!

She's a bit shy, loves music festivals, and has amazingly awesome hair!

She goes to my school. Some of the other kids don't like her crazy hair, but I love it! I am all about expressing your individuality in positive ways, and I can't think of anything more positive than colorful hair!

She loves flower crowns too, and brought one to our photoshoot!

How do you express your individuality?

{On Olive: Wig from eBay; Shirt from Liberty Jane; Jeans from Maggie and Joan on Etsy; Shoes from American Girl; Flower crown from Fleur18 Studios}


  1. Wow.
    I Can't think of anything better than rainbow hair at the moment.
    I wanna wear a rainbow on my head!
    As long as said rainbow wasn't unicorn barf.


    1. Lol! Olive says this is definitely not unicorn barf. :P


  2. This girly is too cool. I love her hair and eye color combo. I also love trendy dolly jeans.

  3. That is some awesome hair!!
    - Zoë

  4. WOW That are is crazy alright O_o But it's AWESOME!!!!! :D I express my individuality through my dress sense and my toys and dolls :) Also I've nominated you for an award on my blog!

  5. Wow, your friend has super awesome hair. :)

  6. The red, orange and yellow part of her hair would be perfect for my daughters' musical, Shrek The Musical, for the fire dancers who are the dragon's fiery breath!

  7. Love your friend Olive from head to toe. Great hair and great outfit!
    Tea Time with Melody Q

  8. Molly: word. I totes love that.