August 4, 2014

Rory Gets Skunked

Getting used to a new place is always weird, but it's been especially weird for my family lately! After I broke my leg, I was certain my rotten luck was over with. Boy, was I wrong...

So I decided that, crutches be darned, I was going to play with Rory in the backyard. Rory's favorite thing to do is play catch, so I brought his favorite toy with me.

I decided to get some use out of my pitching skills since I won't be able to play baseball again until my leg heals.

"Go get the toy, Rory!"

I tossed the toy and Rory ran eagerly to catch it. He hesitated when he got closer to the toy, and it was then when I realized...

There was a skunk in our yard! He was very cute but I could already smell him from the other side of the yard...

Rory inched nearer to the toy, and the skunk began to hiss. Uh oh...

The skunk started to turn around...

...It all happened so fast...

Everything was going in slow motion. "RORY!" I yelled. "NOOOOOOO!"

The skunk sprayed Rory right on his face! EWW!

Rory clearly was not thrilled by this.

The skunk then trotted off, leaving the smelly evidence of his presence behind.

"Rory! Let me help you!" I exclaimed, reaching for him and dropping a crutch in the process.

I reeled back. P-U! Poor Rory stunk terribly!


"Let's get you cleaned up, Rory!"


So my mom and I scrubbed down Rory in the backyard (trust me, you don't wanna see that!), but he still smells a tiny bit. I think we'll be taking him to get de-skunked at the groomer soon. Poor Rory! Have you or your pets ever been sprayed by a skunk? Let me know in the comments!

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