July 29, 2014

Rainy Day Blues

So after breaking my leg, I was kinda sad that I'd be spending more time indoors, doing less-than-fun things, but luckily it has been rainy where I live! Check out how neat and rainy it was in my backyard today!

Since I've spent so much time inside lately, I've decided that I'll be starting my own Etsy soon for 18-inch-girl-sized accessories! Jewelry, hats, gloves, socks... You name it! All handmade by me! I can't wait to show you all. Do you have any things you'd like to see in my shop? Let me know in the comments!

{Shirt: Janie Jumps on Etsy ~ Shorts: Maddie's Girls on Etsy ~ Shoe (I have two, I just can't wear the other...stupid cast!): Janes by Liberty Jane

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