August 21, 2014

Backyard Camping with Lanie: Part I

Guess what? I got my cast off before my camping trip with Lanie! I was so excited that my leg was all better, and even more excited that my end-of-summer camping trip was not going to be marred by a stupid cast! First, we had to cruise around the backyard in Lanie's Jeep to find an ideal spot to put our camper for the night.

The yard was our oyster as we cruised around with the wind in our hair!

The little Jeep lurched around the yard as Lanie pushed on the gas and brake pedals. Even though Lanie wasn't the smoothest driver, I sure was having fun!

"Look Lanie!" I exclaimed. "There's a great spot over there!"

"Let's go to it!" Lanie yelled.

"There it is!" I said.

"Stop right here!" I said. "This place is perfect!"

"It is great," Lanie agreed. "And now that we've found it, let's jet outta here!"

Do you have any end-of-summer traditions?

{On Lanie - American Girl Lanie's meet outfit ~ On me - Jacket: Madame Alexander ~ Shirt, shorts, and shoes: American Girl Easy Breezy Outfit}


  1. Cute!!! You are making everyone here jealous of that jeep! Great photos of the girls driving around.