September 7, 2015

The Twins in my Life - Part Two: Kanani and Moani

Hello all!

It's been a few weeks since my last post - my mom, who helps me run this blog, started her studies for her Masters degree and has been a bit busy, but that's okay. I started school too and I'm always doing lots of activities like baseball, ballet, and clarinet lessons.

Anyway, enough chatter - you came to see pictures! You've met my friend Kanani before - she helped me move last year - but did you know she has a twin sister named Moani? They came over for pictures a few weeks ago.

Kanani and Moani are from Hawai'i. They tell me all about the beautiful beaches and wildlife there. I'd love to go visit someday!

Kanani and Moani are identical twins, although Moani's hair is a tiny bit darker.

Also, Moani is much more outgoing and opinionated...

...whereas, Kanani is more reserved, shy, and introverted.

They don't always coordinate their outfits but I asked them to for this shoot.

Do you know any twins, or are you a twin yourself?


  1. They both look gorgeus! Love Moani's eyeliner!
    I also nominated you for an award on my blog:
    - Zoë

  2. I love Moani's hair :) Also they look lovely! I know a few pairs of twins ;-)