August 3, 2015

My Sorta-Grown-Up Birthday Party

Hey all!

My birthday is July 9th and every year I have some sort of celebration with my friends. This year, I turned 11. This year, I told my Mom I wanted to have my two best friends over and have a laid-back, grown-up dinner party instead of a giant themed bash with a bunch of friends. It would be a sorta-grown-up birthday party where I enjoy the company of my besties, and, of course, eat lots of food.

Harper, on the left, and Margot, on the right, are my very best friends. Harper and Margot came in and got settled at the table right away, ready to chow down. 

I asked my Dad if he would make us all my favorite junk foods for the dinner party - wings, burgers, and hot dogs - and he obliged. The meal was delicious!

"This burger is to die for!" Harper said. "Is that bacon IN the patty?! Yum!"

"My hot dogs are wonderful," Margot piped in. "Just the right amount of mustard."

"These wings rock!" I said. "They're burning my face off! It's awesome!"

We had lots of soda, too.

And don't forget butter for our corn on the cob!

After we finished eating, my Dad cleared our plates and we sat, enjoying our sodas.

"Time to open presents!" I declared.

"Open mine first!" Harper said.

I took her present and unwrapped it... was a pair of comic book pajama pants! Cool!

"I knew they were perfect for you when I saw them," Harper said.

"They are perfect! Thank you, Harper!" I replied.

"Mine next!" Margot said.

I took her present and unwrapped it... was a whistle necklace!

"I thought you needed a necklace," Margot said.

"It's beautiful! Thank you, Margot!" I said.

Next, I opened up a gift from my Mom and Dad. It was kinda heavy for the size.

I took the present and unwrapped it... was an iPad! O-M-Gosh! We all squealed.

I touched the screen. It was so pretty. I cannot wait to play on it! 

"Thank you, Mom and Dad!"

Still in a stupor, I picked up the last present. It was from my Grandma and Grandpa A.

I took the present and unwrapped it... was a Kate Spade bag, just like the one I saw on Clarisse's Closet - one of my favorite blogs!

"THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU!" I yelled. "It's beautiful!"

"That's not all!" my Mom said. "Look behind you, Charlie!"

As if all my dreams hadn't already come true, I saw the one thing I had wanted forever - a telescope! My dearest ambition is to become an astrophysicist so a telescope is the first thing every astrophysicist needs!

"This is the coolest present EVER!" I declared.

"Yeah, it's super cool..." Harper said.

"Right! It's," added Margot.

"Whatever, you guys just don't appreciate the finer points of astrophysics," I said. "Anyway, I think it's time for cake!"

As I thanked my Mom, she brought out my birthday cake. "You're welcome, sweetie. Happy birthday! I made your favorite vanilla cake, and I tried to make a Dalek from Doctor Who to match your dress, but the mold just didn't do the trick. I'm sorry, pumpkin!" my Mom said.

"That's okay, Mom! It's the most perfect cake and party and day ever!" I exclaimed.

Do you have any birthday traditions?

{On me: Dress by Daffodil Doll Clothes on Etsy, Belt by Our Generation, Shoes by Exclusively 18" on Etsy; On Harper: Shirt by AG, Shorts by Maddie's Girls on Etsy, Shoes and Headband by Maggie and Joan on Etsy; On Margot: Headband and shirt by Our Generation, Shorts by Everyday Dollwear on Etsy, Shoes by AG; Pajama pants by Lively Lime on Etsy}


  1. Your dress (and cake) is amazing Charlie! You got some awesome presents. :)

    1. Thank you! I feel very lucky to get such awesome gifts! :)

  2. Joyeux Anniversaire, Charlie! Your birthday is exactly a month between my sister's and mine. My sister has her birthday on June 9th, and mine is coming up on August 9th. Often we celebrate together on July 9th! I like your idea of having an informal get-together with friends and food. I don't think I'll be celebrating big this year, either.

    Your Dalek dress is super neat and just a "tad" geeky, ha! I'm not a huge Whovian, but I have friends who are, and I respect the show. I like that your mom tried to make a Dalek cake, too. I'm just a "tad" bit jealous that you got an iPad. I really, really, really want one! Somehow my laptop isn't good enough. I can't believe you got a Kate Spade purse like Clarisse - they are so expensive! You'll be the talk of your school with that thing. I really love the telescope, too. I'm no budding astrophysicist, but I want to be a forensic scientist when I grow up - I definitely appreciate science-related presents. :D


    1. Thank you, Sophie! You'll have to come play on the iPad sometime. :)


  3. Happy birthday Charlie! How fun that our birthdays are only 2 days apart! :)
    Looks like you had some really tasty food- Pippa is great at baking but we could use some cooking lessons at the Wells household so we can have some more savory meals ;)
    I of course LOVE your purse, the pink is so cute!! I'm tempted to get that one too, but I probably don't need 2 of them... or do I? Hmm...
    Glad you had an awesome birthday!

    1. Happy birthday to you too, Clarisse! A girl can always use two Kate Spade bags! ;)


  4. Happy birthday Charlie! I love this blog by the way :D

  5. What a fabulous party Charlie! Love all your presents, you're a lucky girl! :)

  6. Looks like you had a ton of fun! Your presents are all super cool!!:D

  7. What a great birthday you had! I love the iPad you got :D