June 28, 2015

Baking with Reine

Hello all!

It's been super hot where I live lately so I figured I'd beat the heat by visiting my friend Reine's bakery! Her family owns it and she helps out there from time to time. Cool huh?

Since the bakery was closed when I went, we let our dogs in. Don't tell!

River is all grown up since I got her for Christmas!

Rory was a little shy but always tries to be brave for River.

Reine brought her dogs too! They're both French Bulldogs, and their names are Bully and BonBon. Cute!

Reine showed me all of the wonderful treats they make in their bakery. There were lots of things I couldn't pronounce, but they were tasty all the same!

Here are some raspberry macarons and pain au chocolat. "Pain au chocolat" means "bread with chocolate." Yum!

Here are some loaves of French bread. They smell heavenly!

Here's a tower of macarons. They make a ton of these!

This is French chocolate mousse a la fraise. "A la fraise" means "with strawberries". Mmm!

And this is Reine's favorite - cake! Isn't this one beautiful?

We decided we would make my favorite, croissants! Reine got the recipe cards and handed them to me.

"Now let's get some ingredients from the fridge!" Reine said.

"Now we get our work station ready!" Reine directed.

"I think that's it!" I said. "Let's get started!"

"First, we need eggs!" Reine said. We cracked the eggs into a bowl, and I emptied the bowl into the mixer.

We turned the mixer on for a bit.

Next, we added flour.

We ran the mixer again!

"Now we roll out the dough!" Reine instructed.

Next, I rolled the dough into perfectly formed croissants. (I'm pretty good at it!)

Finally, it was time to put them in the oven!

It felt like they took forever to bake, and then finally Reine grabbed the hot pad.

TA DA!!!!

Don't they look delicious?

We set them up on a table in the bakery, and enjoyed them with some Brie cheese, berries, and sparkling water. How very French!

Have you ever baked something with a friend?

{On me: Shirt and sandals by American Girl, shorts by Maddie's Girls on Etsy; On Reine: Everything by AG, except necklace by QT Pie Doll Clothing on Etsy}


  1. Love the food items here!! And Charlie looks like she had a blast today!

  2. Great post! I love all the detailed pics, the bakery looks like so much fun! I don't know exactly what it is but your Grace is particularly even more beautiful than the other Graces for some reason. :)

    1. Thank you, missmolly93! Reine Grace thinks she's more beautiful than other Graces too! ;P


  3. Sounds like a blast! I love you in a headband, Charlie, and your baked goods look heavenly.